About Us

Welcome to Visual Kinetic, where your potential is put into motion.

Visual Kinetic LLC has been providing top quality secure Internet services, web development, and consulting at affordable prices since 1997!

Our domain registration and management service offers registration in 46 different top level domains (TLDs).

Included free with domain registration:

  • Contact privacy (for most TLDs)
  • DNS hosting
  • Domain forwarding
  • E-mail forwarding

Pricing for our most popular TLDs:

.com $12.50/year
.net $11.00/year
.org $12.00/year
.us $12.00/year
.co.uk .org.uk .net.uk .me.uk .plc.uk .ltd.uk $15/2-years
.tel $13.50/year


Visual Kinetic
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